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Care+AIR, Inc. is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan - America's only UNESCO City of Design


telephone: +1 xxx-PLUSAIR (+1 xxx-758-7247)

Care+AIR is looking for early investors to help shape our vision. We think our work has huge life-saving and economic potential, serious scientific validity, and is worth pursuing to the next development phase. If you agree, please introduce yourself to schedule a presentation.

Thank you for your interest in Care+AIR Health, Inc.

Compliance Statement: Care+AIR Health, Inc. is 100% compliant with all US federal, tribal, territorial, state, and local Public Health and Human Life Safety ESF (Emergency Support Function) and international globally-harmonized BSL (Bio Safety Level) procedures, laws, and regulatory codes for biological Infectious Disease (I.D.) events in the US civic realm.  The Executive Director's training as a FEMA 2nd responder and “restart evaluator” was thru CAL OES and is applicable for required USACE-MX BSL ACS (Alternate Care Site) interfacing and public-private coordination and infrastructure for safe-rapid-lean response. The Executive Director is licensed as an Architect in the State of New York.

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