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2020 taught us a few lessons about cold/flu virus outbreak planning and response.

​​Care+AIR Health, Inc. learned them!


Care+AIR offers factual viral EDUCATION.

People need to know what might happen to their bodies and how they can stay safe and healthy, protect their lungs and blood, and prevent illness to reduce transmission. 

Care+AIR provides professional RISK MANAGEMENT.

Our leadership is from the Architecture and Engineering industries AND from the Public Health and Medical industries. Biosafety professionals are trained to legally reduce risks to ANY property or building occupants without causing other types of harm.

Care+AIR addresses CAPACITY.

If the biggest problem is not having enough targeted viral care space in-place before it is needed, then who better to solve that problem except a group of Planners and Designers?


Care+AIR follows pre-2020 outbreak LAWS and PROCEDURES.

If we don't comply, we might hurt people or make them sick. And, because we are a private sector nonprofit, we can't make up new laws or avoid lawsuits anyway, so we comply!

Care+AIR strikes at the ROOTS of the problem FAST.

Quick prevention is key. Slow response allows an exponential system to expand out-of-control. We ACT to add the 4C's and other missing civic programming and safety nets IMMEDIATELY.

Care+AIR works with LOCAL Public Health Officials.

These are the people who know their regions, who know preventive health, and who know the US regulatory and emergency systems, such as BSL networks. Why bother with anything less?

Care+AIR leverages professional LOGISTICS staff.

135 million square feet of overflow care space in 72 hours is a VERY tall order. No one but the BEST can achieve that. That's why our model fits to USACE-MX ACS protocols and specs.


Care+AIR helps to connect-the-dots for SMOOTH operations.

Slow-moving bureaucrats can sometimes get in the way of fast decision-making and factual education, even if they don't mean to. Our delivery partners are trained to work around this.


We approach Viral Science with "MAYBE!" and "YES!" - especially when it comes to 21st century BSL innovations in Care and Containment. A virus can't be stopped any other way.


Care+AIR is owned by a licensed US Architect and professional Management Consultant who learned about Infectious Disease Policies and Procedures while Researching, Designing, and Building a BSL3 Research Lab for Air-Transmitted Pathogens from 2000-2004 in NYC, and while co-authoring its Outbreak Prevention and Containment Manuals.

Our team is looking for early investors to support us and to make our vision a reality! We believe in our work and its importance for a better future and a more health-aware population in the 21st century.


Please contact us HERE or use our chat feature to introduce yourself and to schedule a presentation.

Or, sponsor our work as an individual. Smaller monthly payments are especially appreciated.

Contact us directly to save service fees:
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Meet Novee, our anti-sickness/pro-health mascot.

She can be found in the Care+AIR "O2xygeNATION" car, or in front of her green screen, discussing the root causes of outbreaks, like poor sanitation, ventilation, hydration, air quality, and health education.

She asks good questions and helps us to raise money and awareness for respiratory biosafety and viral health.

So we like her!

Follow her on social media under @carePLUSair and posting on reddit at r/viralhealth (moderator u/carePLUSair)

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